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Brian Bradshaw, Oil on Board 'Bird on Woman', circa 1969, £1,750

This is a very strong oil on board abstract painting by Brian Bradshaw (1923 - 2016) entitled Bird on Woman. Brian Bradshaw is a British artist from Bolton who was prominent in England in the 1950s before leaving to to South Africa in 1960. He became an extremely important figure in post war South African art, forming the Grahamstown Group in 1964. He taught many of the successful contemporary South African artists of today, he had strong beliefs and principles. This piece entitled Birds on Woman is dated 1969. The colourful palette and free confident brush strokes are very pleasing. It is signed and dated and is in good condition. It is housed within a bespoke hand made frame. It measures 102cm x 76.5cm framed (the image itself measures 84cm x 59cm)

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