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Art Deco Hallmarked Silver Charles Henry Dumenil Travelling Vanity Set, £950

This is superb quality fully hallmarked Art Deco silver vanity set in its original leather case by the celebrated silversmith Charles Henry Dumenil. Established in 1879 and closing in 1937, they specialised in gold and silver toilet and dressing sets. The engine turned silver gilt is of the highest quality as is the intaglio cutting to the glass canisters. This is a top flight, quality boxed set which would have been extremely expensive when new. The fact that the mirror and brushes each have their own leather support and case, shows no expense was spared. In terms of condition - the silver and glass is in fantastic condition. There is one internal leather panel missing (there should be one for each side fastened in place with poppers), the one that is remaining is missing one popper. The manicure tools are no longer there and the hair comb has a few teeth missing. The bottom hook and shoe horn have some very minor pitting to the gilt metal tops. There is no key to lock and unlock the box - it opens by sliding across the escutheon. The case measures 30.5cm x 24cm x 12cm. As you can see from the photographs, each piece is monogramed MEG.

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