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Brian Bradshaw, Oil on Board 'Bed and Bedclothes', circa 1955, £3,800

This is a very interesting and early Brian Bradshaw oil on board entitled, Bed and Bedclothes. It dates to around 1955 and painted when he was living in Wales. It is a very large painting with real presence. It is unsigned but he is known to have done a few versions of this painting and engravings and drawings too. Brian was very interested in the way that an unmade ruffled bed and bedclothes could be likened to rock formations and the landscape. This particular version of this concept is the best that I have seen. Upon initial inspection this painting looks like a Welsh landscape with mountains, water and sky. There is such movement in the brushstrokes and the colours are great. This work was bought directly from the artist. The image itself measures 110cm x 75cm and framed 138cm x 103cm.

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